Glock stock shock – marital duel over hand gun fortune grips Austria

By: Juliet
On: Friday, 6 December, 2013

Gaston Glock wins court fight with ex-wife Helga over £1.8bn company after 84-year-old inventor marries 33-year-old nurse and fires wife and three children from trust

He is the 84-year-old Austrian billionaire who made his fortune by creating the eponymous pistol. She is his former wife of 49 years, who divorced him when he took up with a 30-something nurse who cared for him after he had suffered a stroke. The case has riveted Austria for weeks.

But now, Helga Glock’s attempt to reclaim a multimillion-pound stake in her husband’s company has been thrown out by an Austrian court, in the latest round …read more

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