Fathers 4 Justice needs a much less crummy strategy |

By: Juliet
On: Sunday, 29 December, 2013

The poster campaign condemning Kate Winslet and other famous mothers is ill-conceived

Let’s imagine the pre-Christmas scene at Fathers 4 Justice HQ. The festive season can be a particularly painful period for separated fathers, a time when ongoing, complex (sometimes unfair) access issues are thrown into sharp focus and many people would spare a thought for a father struggling to see his children. How does F4J respond? Basically by saying: “Let’s have a go at Kate Winslet, Katie Holmes, Halle Berry and Kim Basinger. Let’s put them on posters in a ‘Crummy Mummy’ campaign.”

In my opinion, the F4J Christmas campaign was …read more

Source: Life and style: Divorce | theguardian.com