Judge overrides prenup as Bob the Builder tycoon’s daughter divorces

By: Juliet
On: Saturday, 1 March, 2014

Judge says husband Frankie Limata entitled to £1.2m from wife Victoria Luckwell to pay of debts and get a home

One of Britain’s wealthiest men has reacted angrily to a high court award of £1.2m that was made to his son-in-law despite prenuptial agreements.

In a bitter divorce battle, a judge ordered that estranged husband Frankie Limata was entitled to about £1.2m from his wife Victoria Luckwell to give him a home and pay off his debts following their split. The judge warned his decision could mean Luckwell having to sell her home in Connaught Square, London, also the home of …read more

Source: Life and style: Divorce | theguardian.com