I was a Baby Against the Bomb

By: Juliet
On: Saturday, 21 June, 2014
I was a Baby Against the Bomb 2020

Rosie Ifould was brought up by left-leaning political activist parents in the 80s, when babysitters would tell her men were all worms and her mum became a lesbian. So what happened when she grew up and became the mother of a boy?

My son has just come in from the garden, where he has been battling imaginary dinosaurs with a stick. Seconds later comes the shout: “Mummy, I’m hungry.” I am busy vacuuming. He is sitting next to his dad, who, as far as I can tell, is reading something on his phone. It’s fine, I tell myself, he is only …read more

Source: Life and style: Divorce | theguardian.com