Chas Smash | After the madness, going solo

By: Juliet
On: Saturday, 4 October, 2014
Chas Smash | After the madness, going solo 2020

Chas Smash now known as Cathal Smyth first found fame with 80s pop legends Madness. Then came bereavement, excess and the break-up of his 28-year marriage. Now he is finally at peace, content, single and celibate

All too often when a singer confronts matters of the darkest heart or in this case, a broken heart they dress their songs in ambiguous poetry, the better to distance themselves, perhaps, from any lingering pain, and also to keep the private private. Not so in the case of Cathal Smyth, formerly Chas Smash of 80s pop legends Madness.

Smyth, who may …read more

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