GCSEs and A-level results ‘suffering’ as a direct result of parental break-up

By: Juliet
On: Monday, 24 November, 2014

Young people’s futures at stake as 19{4d7d21dcfe027af225be5b6125ce2baf21e7d2eacb81e00270ece0ce9d14672d} don’t get the
exam results they were hoping for; 15{4d7d21dcfe027af225be5b6125ce2baf21e7d2eacb81e00270ece0ce9d14672d} move schools; 32{4d7d21dcfe027af225be5b6125ce2baf21e7d2eacb81e00270ece0ce9d14672d} say parents tried
turning them against one another; 14{4d7d21dcfe027af225be5b6125ce2baf21e7d2eacb81e00270ece0ce9d14672d} turn to alcohol.

Young people feel their exam results are suffering as a
direct result of parental break-up according to a major new survey of teens and
young adults published today. The survey of 14-22 year
olds also finds that parental separation is leading young people to turn to
alcohol and skipping lessons, while some admit to experimenting, or thinking
about experimenting, with drugs.

Jo Edwards, Chair of Resolution – the body representing
6,500 family law professionals in …read more

Source: Family Law News