British businesses are suffering as a result of divorce and separation

By: Juliet
On: Wednesday, 26 November, 2014

One in ten have had to leave jobs after a split, or have a colleague who has; 16{4d7d21dcfe027af225be5b6125ce2baf21e7d2eacb81e00270ece0ce9d14672d} have seen workplace hit by sick leave following stress of break-up; 15{4d7d21dcfe027af225be5b6125ce2baf21e7d2eacb81e00270ece0ce9d14672d} say separation or divorce had a negative impact on productivity.

Divorce hurting British workplaces.

That’s the finding of a new piece of research from family law not for profit group Resolution.

The research, released today (26 November) shows that 9{4d7d21dcfe027af225be5b6125ce2baf21e7d2eacb81e00270ece0ce9d14672d} of people in the UK have either had to leave their job as a result of their own separation, or have seen a colleague move on for the same reason.

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Source: Family Law News