Removal of legal aid top concern according to Grant Thornton annual matrimonial survey

By: Juliet
On: Monday, 15 December, 2014

The increased number of litigants in person (LIPs) has attracted a strong response from family lawyers in this year’s Grant Thornton matrimonial survey. In addition to the 23{4d7d21dcfe027af225be5b6125ce2baf21e7d2eacb81e00270ece0ce9d14672d} listing LIPs as an issue, a further 14{4d7d21dcfe027af225be5b6125ce2baf21e7d2eacb81e00270ece0ce9d14672d} list the lack of legal aid for most family cases as a key issue (37{4d7d21dcfe027af225be5b6125ce2baf21e7d2eacb81e00270ece0ce9d14672d} in total).

Some respondents feel that the removal of legal aid, whether or not it has resulted in more LIPs, reduces the ability to access justice for many individuals.

Lawyers have also expressed concern that family law in general is being ‘dumbed down’ to make way for more LIPs, …read more

Source: Family Law News