Murphy’s law: are term orders appropriate?

By: Juliet
On: Wednesday, 7 January, 2015

Jonathan Tod, Counsel, 29 Bedford Row
Talitha Brookman, Solicitor, Brookman Solicitors

The recent High Court decision in Murphy v Murphy [2014] EWHC 2263 (Fam), [2014] Fam Law 1520 provides an important restatement of the statutory framework and case-law concerning the term of adult periodical payments orders. This decision stresses the importance of safeguarding the financial position of the weaker party. The lower courts in the last several years have drawn back from making joint lives
periodical payments orders. Terms are often made on the basis of arbitrary assessment of a wife/mother’s future earning capacity. Husbands have sought to argue that this development in the law …read more

Source: Family Law News