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It’s time to choose a better way: Able Mediation supports Family Mediation Week 2016

Every year, thousands of families are torn apart by bitter court battles. Relationships between separating parents are irretrievably broken, and all too often their children are caught up in the middle.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

There is another way, a way that has helped many divorcing parents build a constructive future for their family, without a court imposing decisions on them.

About family mediation

Family mediation puts you in control, with the help and support of highly trained professionals who can help you make decisions about your future.

Research shows that mediation is often the best way for families to resolve conflicts. It is proven to be faster, less costly and – crucially – less adversarial than divorcing through the courts. Unfortunately, too few people know about it, and end up locked in angry disputes that have far-reaching consequences for them, and for their children.

Family Mediation Week (11-15 January 2016)

11-15 January 2016 is Family Mediation Week. Organised by the Family Mediators Association (FMA), our aim is to raise awareness of mediation as an alternative to court battles for separating couples.

Mediation can help you take control of your own family’s future, making constructive decisions together rather than asking someone else to decide what should happen to your children or your finances. We want to help and support people at the point of separation, and also let other people know that family mediation is an option they can suggest to friends or family members who are experiencing separation and don’t know where to go for help.

Over the course of Family Mediation Week, we will be publishing information and resources to help more people understand that there is a better, more constructive option that puts children first and helps separating families create a brighter future.

Find out more:

To receive more information about family mediation, how it works and how it can benefit separating families, contact us directly by phone or email, like our Facebook page, follow Juliet on Twitter or visit our member organisation website at or

Guest of the Month at Ashley Wilson Solicitors

juliet-wilkinson-profile-picThank you to Mira Gohil at Ashley Wilson Solicitors for inviting me to be Guest of the Month.  I hope the information I have provided for their blog on Mediation Information and Assessment Meetings (MIAMs) will be helpful to clients.  To read more, see the article here:

Support for making full financial disclosure

Most clients find the process of making full financial disclosure time consuming.  Many also find it difficult as they may not have access to documents or they may not be used to dealing with finances.  However, it is a pre-requisite to being able to enter into meaningful discussion about a settlement and being able to reality test options.

Advice Now have produced this really useful and straight forward video to help people fill in Form E, the court form used for making full financial disclosure.  However, it may also be useful for mediation clients who may be struggling to fill in their disclosure forms, whether this is the Form E or a mediation adapted version.

Although, as mediators, we are always happy to support our clients in this process, the more you can do yourself in preparation for a session the better, as it will move the process on more quickly, saving you both time and money.

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Children to be given a voice in family court care proceedings

It’s great to hear news that children are finally to be given a voice in family court care proceedings. Read more here.
I was greatly impressed by members of the Family Justice Young Peoples Board (FJYPB) when I heard them speak at the FMC PPC Conference in December 2014, with particular reference to encouraging mediators to ensure that they open up mediation services to include children.
It seems that this development being announced today is largely thanks to their commitment to getting the voices of other children heard. Well done FJYPB and keep up the good work.