Legal Aid for mediation

legal aid for mediation
Some good news! Mediation is completely free if you are eligible for Legal Aid. If you are, you may also qualify for Legal Help with Mediation in order to get advice from a solicitor about the options under discussion in mediation and to make any joint proposals legally binding at the end of the process, for example by the drafting of a Consent Order. More good news! If one of you qualifies for Legal Aid, but the other does not, the person who does not also benefits because the Legal Aid Agency will fund their assessment meeting, often referred to as a MIAM, as well as their fees for the first session of mediation. This is as part of a current scheme to encourage couples to try mediation before going to court. If you want to get an indication about whether you may be eligible for Legal Aid there are a number of ways you can access information:
  • you can contact us with details of your financial situation and we can usually tell you if it is likely that you would be eligible, or not
  • you can check the online calculator at:
  • you can call the Community Legal Advice helpline on 0345 345 4 345
Whichever method you choose to get an initial indication, at your assessment meeting a mediator must do a full eligibility test, for which you will be required to bring appropriate evidence of benefits, income and assets. Please be aware that even if you are not eligible for Legal Aid, mediation is usually cheaper and quicker than going to court. For more about the benefits of mediation, please click here. (link through to the Why Mediate? section.)