Mediation sessions are usually joint meetings. Mediation generally takes 1 – 6 meetings that last around 90 minutes, depending on whether the issues are to do with children, finance or both. The decisions made in mediation are made by you. The role of the mediator is to enable you to speak freely and negotiate decisions that you both accept.

Where mediation concerns finance, you are expected to disclose all your financial facts, assets, income and liabilities before arriving at settlement proposals. In the case of mediation about your children, you will, of course, be expected to place their upbringing and every other aspect of their future above all else.

At the conclusion of mediation documentation is produced by the mediator setting out everything that has been decided, including finances and contact proposals. At any time during the process leading to reaching these decisions, you are free to seek advice from a solicitor or specialist. Mediation proposals are not legally binding until endorsed by a court. Your solicitor can assist you with this.

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