Proprietary estoppel – does the recent Court of Appeal case of Southwell v Blackburn change anything for cohabitees?

Charlotte Sanders, Assistant Solicitor, Vardags
Beatrice Carro, Trainee, Vardags

The recent court of appeal case of Southwell v Blackburn [2014] EWCA Civ 1347 has been heralded by the media as a landmark ruling, whose
result ‘could open the floodgates’. In fact, it is more apt to say that the
case merely adopted the less original Victorian doctrine of proprietary
estoppel. Indeed, the old doctrine of proprietary estoppel is still used
to deal with a modern issue: cohabitation. This is a particularly hot topic as
Parliament looks to pass the Cohabitation Rights Bill to protect cohabitees,
who have long been relying on …read more

Source: Family Law News


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