As mediators one of our key principals is that of impartiality. To help us achieve this we strive to connect with our clients in a compassionate, non-judgemental way as we support you to reach solutions that work for you and your family and reduce the impact of your conflict.

Unlike many who practice Family Mediation we are not part of a Solicitors Law Firm, therefore our main activity is mediation. Because of this we have a depth of experience mediating on wide ranging issues, including financial settlements, arrangements for children, separation after co-habitation, pre/post-nuptial agreements, wills/probate disputes, and communication breakdown.

Able Mediation is run as a Social Enterprise focused on providing inclusive, child-centred services to families of all income levels.

Our Fees are fairly priced in relation to the complexity of our work. For those on low incomes, if you qualify for Legal Aid, you will be able to access our services free of charge. As part of our social mission we also provide free sessions for children who participate in Child Inclusive Mediation.


Mediation Information and Assessment Meeting is the first meeting between the family mediator and the separating couple.


Family Mediation Sessions help you and your former partner to arrive at mutual decisions on topics including but not limited to property, finance, and childcare.


Participants in family mediation who are on benefits, have a low income, or high outgoings may be eligible for legal aid to cover family mediation expenses.


Child Inclusive Mediation allows children’s views to be heard, and more suitable child-focused arrangements to be made.


Court Forms required if either party decides not to go ahead with mediation, or if mediation breaks down. Download court forms for free from here.


With COVID-19 affecting the mediation process, we are running online mediation sessions through Zoom or on the telephone.

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