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Here, you can find a summary of the information found on all of the different pages of the Able Mediation Website:

  • Home: An overview of who we are, and introduction to Family Mediation.
  • About Us: Profiles of the Mediators who work at Able Mediation, who are members of the professional organisations that make up the Family Mediation Council.
  • About Family Mediation: An explanation of the Family Mediation process, frequently asked questions, and external resources for services and advice relating to family mediation.
  • Mediation Services and Fees: More information on the services we provide, including MIAMs, mediation sessions, legal aid for mediation, child inclusive mediation, and any court forms you may require. We also list our fees.
  • Book Mediation: Refer your self for mediation, or refer a client for mediation, if you are a solicitor or agency.
  • Mediation Resources: Resources, including services and advice for people going through divorce or separation, and their loved ones.
  • Blog: Our Blog informs you of our day to day activities, with thoughts and opinion on broader developments in Mediation.
  • Contact Us: Where to find us, and how to get in touch.

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