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#No Fault Divorce to end the blame game 2020

#No Fault Divorce to end the blame game

  Justice Secretary, David Gauke, has today announced proposals for new legislation to be introduced that will stop forcing spouses to evidence ‘unreasonable behaviour.’ This is met by strong support by those of us who work...
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Lady Hale is right “ blame should be taken out of divorce ” – Bella Mackie

Getting divorced is painful and having to list your partner’s shortcomings just to speed up the legal process only makes the stress worse When the time came to make the end of my marriage official, I...
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Bring in blame-free divorces and rights for cohabitants, says law body

Resolution, which represents lawyers and professionals dealing with divorce, say families have changed while laws around them have not Blame-free divorces and fairer property rights for cohabiting couples should be introduced as a matter of urgency,...
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